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Agnes Tavel
Lawyer and professional mediator
Institutional delegate of Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
Reference book : Code of the Mediation
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Agnes Tavel is a lawyer since 2001. She worked during two years as collaborator in a cabinet, in Versailles (France), the SCP Courtaigne Flichy Daste & Partners. Then she created her own cabinet on Versailles. She exercises currently on the Bar of Thonon-the-baths, in Haute-Savoie (France), within the SELARL REDON-LEVANTI.

She has been charged in the same way of teaching in the university of Versailles Saint Quentin in Yvelines, in civil procedure (level License3) and processuel right (Master level1).

She developed with Jean-Louis Lascoux the legal gone of the formation of the mediators, presented the formation to the probate by lawyer's profession, via the Council National of the Bars. She intervenes on this module of two days that has been added to the formation of ten days aiming the obtaining of the certificate of faculty to mediator's profession. She is delegated institutional of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation, by the Ministry of the Justice and the Parliament.

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[editar] Activities

  • Lawyer, with for dominant activity civil law, and notably :
    • right of the family,
    • right of the civil responsibility,
    • ways of execution (real estate seizures...)
  • Professional mediator: Med'Action, " All conflict has its solution"

[editar] Study

  • 2000: Certificate of faculty to lawyer's Profession (CAPA) in the CRFPA of Versailles
  • 1999: DEA of Right of the Business to the university Paris X Nanterre

[editar] Formations

  • 2006: Certificate of faculty to Mediator's Profession (CAP'M) - Médiateurs Associés - Paris

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Avocat Magazine de Janvier et Février 2008

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  • Email:
  • Phone:0033.661.41.66.50

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