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Here are some outstanding items on the wiki mediation. You can add. To add an item, please register by clicking Create an account (top right of page). Then train yourself on your personal page. Click the edit tab. To create a link, just place the word or phrase you wish to develop between the brackets [[and close them]], and if the word or phrase is already in the wiki, when you click the preview or save button, a link appears blue or red is a link that appears. Then you can click on this link and a page will open. Check first how to submit articles (by reading examples) ...

In the list below, click on the red link to open the page of an article that is not created yet ... You provide the information you have. Indicate your sources. Register. It's done!

[editar] Getting started

You want to create an article? Then simply drag a title in the text fields, click ... write your text (copy and paste), publish, it's done ... To organize your text, you can frame subtitles with signs==

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