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Jean-Bruno Chantraine
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professional mediator
delegate of Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
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Jean-Bruno Chantraine is a professional mediator(CAP'M) since september 2007. He has created an association named "Action Médiation" to develop this structured process for the solving of conflicts by organizing évents on this topic. The "Chambre Professionnelle de la Médiation et de la Négociation" (here-on referred to as CPMN) stands that developing mediation in this yet young third millenium provides men with an efficient rational and scientific tool to promote or restore quality in relationships between individuals, families, companies, villages, cities and countries beyond cultural differences.                 

Neither judges nor arbiters or advisors or conciliators, professional mediators are trained to aim at taking a posture and at mastering a rhetoric which brings peace by creating a space of exchange between people whose views are conflicting. Unlike French judiciary system which first works at establishing a link by law between parties and only then considers practical organisational or financial aspect of a conflict, CPMN's objective is to build up a richer relationship between parties by first taking into account the emotional dimension of a conflict and only then its technical and finally judiciary aspects.

Aware of people's basic longing for peace ( even if sometimes « by any means necessary »), professional mediators bring about a contextual surrounding, a framework, landmarks and the use of a structured process that make it easier for parties to feel responsible and sufficiently self-governing. Only then can they set up a new arrangement that will bring peace once conflicts have been rid of their emotional burden.

Though it may sound a utopian stand, CPMN's attempt makes sense today because professional mediators base their know how on communication techniques that locate the other one at the center of the process. Such techniques enable them to guide and accompany parties out of their dynamics of thinking in terms of adversity, to lead them into a mode of thinking that welcomes the other one's point of view. Emotions that are deeply related to conflicts are uprooted thanks to a posture allied to a new peacemaking rhetoric. This rhetoric helps make peace because it bears no judgement and professional mediators can bring it about and answer for it because their reasoning stands outside confrontation.            

Our current social and economical system is based on antagonisms created by increasingly powerful imperatives (competition, expansion, greed) that lead to conflicts. Such frameworks can be viewed as an archaïc scheme which deprives people from their original sense of responsibility and need for achieving an ideal. They are left enclosed in a passive consciousness where security reflexes and attempts to preserve their personnal or communautary identity become overflowing and end up in conflicts, whether directly or indirectly.   Our proposal is also for you to help us face that challenging possibility to open a new economical field for peace, based on a welcoming of each other's differences.

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Jean-Bruno Chantraine, Mediator, member and local deputy for CPMN. Mail :

P.S.: For further inquiry, you can contact me by phone : 04 95 23 21 99 or 06 20 34 20 84.  

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