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Mediators Associates ® is a trademark and the name of the training organization created at the initiative of Jean-Louis Lascoux.

Ficheiro:Mediateurs associes à Paris 20 mars 2009.jpg
Nelly, Sonia, Aïcha, Jean-Louis, Henri, Christophe, Jérémy, 20 March 2009, 1st scientific meeting for conflict resolution, on march 20th, in Paris. Missing on this picture : Agnès, Anny et Alfred

Médiateurs Associés ® develops a unique approach in training and mediator in conflict resolution. Interventions Mediators Associates ® consist of a work on the relational quality. First organization to produce the idea that mediation is a professional Médiateurs Associés ® has now circulated the idea that mediation is a discipline in its own right.

In pursuing the research work on the assembly and disassembly of conflict, Médiateurs Associés ® offers a scientific approach to conflict resolution. This approach, developed by Jean-Louis Lascoux, and where the process is fully structured, is to note first that there is an alternative for conflict resolution:


Médiateurs Associés
9, rue Vauban
33000 Bordeaux (France)
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