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Marc Lecordier

Manager of Marcane
Vice-President of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
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Highly experienced international and intercultural mediator, coach & trainer

Marc was the first President of the professional body of mediators in France for 7 years. He is now Vice-President

He has been a coach and a trainer since 1992 and he is working for the public and private sectors, he has designed and run trainings for up to 900 managers & leaders.

He regularly participates in international training programs. In many of the programs he is involved in, confidentiality is a key factor of success, so details of theses cannot appear here.

He has been designing, coordinating and facilitating Crisis & Media Communication management seminars for international organisations in partnership with Geos[1]


  • Certificat d’Aptitude à la Profession de Médiateur. Delivered by the “Chambre professionnelle de la médiation et de la négociation[2].
  • Developing Coaching skills in organisation:on-going training & supervision in Developmental/Organisational Transactional Analysis by Mountain Associates[3]
  • Certified "Formateur et Concepteur en Formation Qualifié " by the I.C.P.F: Institut de Certification des Professionnels de la Formation. Fr
  • Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Facilitator in Augusto Boal’s technics of the “Oppressed Theatre”. Conflict resolution technics for groups, based on skills developed by Augusto Boal’s.
  • Certified as a trainer and International Distributor for the Inscape DISC profiler.

His company is certified ISO 9001 since 2008


  1. Geos
  2. Chambre professionnelle de la médiation et de la négociation
  3. Mountain Associates


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