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[editar] Usage

  • Use {{pp-move-vandalism/doc}} for the normal template
  • Use {{pp-move-vandalism/doc|expiry=agosto 6, 2022}} for a specific expiration date
  • Use {{pp-move-vandalism/doc|small=yes}} for just an icon at the top
  • Use {{pp-move-vandalism/doc|expiry={{subst:#time:F j, Y|+7 days}}}} for a specific expiration time period

Note that (UTC) will be added automatically.

This template will not be visible on pages that are not move-protected. Please note that only administrators can protect pages.

This template should only be used on pages move-protected due to vandalism; for pages move-protected due to high-visibility, use preferably {{pp-move-indef}}; for pages move-protected due to dispute, use {{pp-move-dispute}}. For other cases, use the generic {{pp-move}}.

This template will categorize articles, portals and templates into Predefinição:Cl and Predefinição:Cl.
Other pages will be categorized depending on their namespace into Predefinição:Cl, Predefinição:Cl and Predefinição:Cl.

[editar] See also

{{pp-meta}} Full Semi Move
Dispute: {{pp-dispute}} N/A {{pp-move-dispute}}
Vandalism: {{pp-vandalism}} {{pp-move-vandalism}}
High visibility templates: {{pp-template}} N/A
User talk of blocked user: {{pp-usertalk}} {{pp-semi-usertalk}} N/A
Sockpuppetry: N/A {{pp-semi-sock}} N/A
Long-term: N/A {{pp-semi-indef}} {{pp-move-indef}}
Generic (other protection): {{pp-protected}} {{pp-move}}
Scrutiny of the Office: {{pp-office}} {{reset}} N/A
Talk page info: {{Permprot}} {{Temprot}} N/A
Create protection: {{pp-create}} N/A

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