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[editar] Usage

  • This template can be used to display a status indicator along the top of your user page and/or user talk page or any subpage of them.

Default examples if used on a Jimbo Wales user or user talk page:

  • {{UserStatus}} - will read from page - User:Jimbo_Wales/Status

Using page parameter:

  • {{UserStatus|User:Jimbo_Wales/Status}} - will read from page - User:Jimbo_Wales/Status
  • {{UserStatus|User:Jimbo_Wales/My_Status}} - will read from page - User:Jimbo Wales/My_Status
  • {{UserStatus|right=10}} - will put the readout 10 ems from the right instead of 3
  • {{UserStatus|top=10}} - will put the readout 10 ems from the top instead of 0.9
  • {{UserStatus|fsize=90}} - will make the font be 90% of the original 100% size
  • {{UserStatus|isize=30}} - will make the image size be 30 pixels rather than 20

[editar] Trigger and Display

Trigger Result
UserStatus/doc is Somewhere
online UserStatus/doc is Online
offline UserStatus/doc is Offline
busy UserStatus/doc is Busy
sleeping UserStatus/doc is Sleeping
wikibreak UserStatus/doc is On a Wikibreak
away UserStatus/doc is Away
holiday UserStatus/doc is On Holiday
school UserStatus/doc is At School
working UserStatus/doc is Working
huggle UserStatus/doc is Huggling

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