Chambre professionnelle de la médiation et de la négociation

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Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation

The Chambre professionnelle de la médiation et de la négociation CPMN is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that brings together professional mediators. It has declared its existence in France initially under the law of 21 March 1884. It has developed a code of ethics for mediators. It affirms and develops self mediators.

CPMN the guarantees of independence and cultural guardianship of mediators.

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  • For professional ethics - a mediator, a mission, a result -

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CPMN objectives of the study, the defense of general interests, individuals, moral, material mediators, representation and information professionals.

The CPMN is the professional organization of mediators who develop mediation as a discipline in applied - from the smallest organization - the family - to international applications. The mediators act to facilitate change, ensuring the quality of relationships. They are required by the Code of Ethics for mediators ( the Codeome ).

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