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I am pleased to welcome you on the most ambitious projects on mediation. This project is open for everyone to know what mediation. Nevertheless, the mediators and myself who work in the project expect respect each source [1]. None of the pages can not be used in a professional without the permission of the administration of the site, which the authors of the articles surrender their rights of reproduction, whether for the design of conferences, training, documentation or publishing in any form whatsoever.

The development of mediation is based on the professionalization of the actors. For the intervention of mediators is considered useful, their training must be given to the development of a discipline. That's why I work on this project that supports a scientific, rational, methodological approach of the conflict, not only for their management, but for their resolution. All that's world can be disassembled. Based on this observation, the conflict must be studied so that the mediator can assist their removal.

The WikiMediation is the tool of the technical disclosure of professional mediators. It is the services and available to those who want to get involved in the demystification of conflict.

Begun in french, the WikiMediation took an international dimension with an online equivalent in Portuguese and English. These three languages are a new stage. Then other adaptations and translations will gradually join it.

All commitments and contributions towards this project and to accompany him, of course, are welcome.

  1. Internet publishing is not looting, whether total or misuse of manifest content


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