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A wiki is a content management system website that makes web pages and also freely editable by all authorized visitors. Using wikis to facilitate collaborative writing of documents with a minimum of constraints. The wiki was invented in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, for a section of a site on computer programming which he called WikiWikiWeb. The word "wiki" comes from the repetition Hawaiian wiki wiki, which means "fast". In this area, wikimedia is not only a forerunner, but it is with this free software that WikiMediation was imagined, created and developed in record time: one year to collect a first content, imagine a general presentation, knowing that is scalable wish. Meanwhile, all users could access the Wikimediation. At the beginning, it was intended for mediators in training in order to obtain CAP'M. The idea was to be the image of mediation: to present a dynamic sharing, exchange, dialogue, open to controversy and differences, while preserving the guideline of developing mediation as a discipline in whole. Within a year the project reached some 2500 daily consultations to reach a million consultations in late March 2009.

Mediation is an approach to thinking people, particularly in a conflict situation, to enable them to take a decision on the resolution of their dispute.

Wikimediation is a tool developed at the initiative of Jean-Louis Lascoux, with Mediateurs Associes ®, to gather information on mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

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