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Welcome to The Infobox Watch

Tabela de conteúdo

[editar] Infoboxes Wikiproject

This WikiProject provides a central location for infobox designers to assist each other in their work. Many different people are working on infoboxes, and occasionally need the input of others in order to get something to work—or some designers may simply be unfamiliar with certain tricks and features. The only way that such discussion takes place now is generally via the talk pages of various templates or across different user talk pages. By establishing this project as a central location for such discussions, more people can be of assistance.

This is not intended to be a place for infobox standardisation; rather, it is a place for designers to help each other.

[editar] Main Objective

If someone has problems/difficulties getting a certain template to work, these problems/difficulties can be posted here. For the moment, posting should be done on the project talk page, with each problem as a separate thread.

[editar] Proposed Project Content

Feel free to add to this.

  • List of commonly used features/designs.
  • New tricks—to be posted here and to be shared with everyone.
  • Regular collaboration on a particular infobox.
  • Creation and improvement of all infoboxes.
  • Directory of Infoboxes.
  • Standardisation when deemed appropriate or when requested by other WikiProjects.
  • Simple templates to aid in making simple infoboxes.

[editar] Current Projects

[editar] Completed Projects

[editar] Templates



[editar] Participants

If you wish to be involved in this project, please add yourself to the below list and/or add the userbox:{{Template:User Wikiprojectinfoboxes}}. To tell us all a little about yourself, please list any infoboxes that you have been significantly involved with:

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